Sunday, February 7, 2010

Since Everyone is Asking

To answer your questions, the Lunnys and others in the video had nothing to do with the financing, concept, editing or production of the video. They allowed me to film them but that's the extent of it. An acquaintance of mine who is a resident of Marin and has never met the Lunnys contacted me in October and suggested that I help them and they offered to help finance it. I'm building a business as a social media expert specializing in anti-smear campaigns so this was right up my alley.

As I began to research it I too became passionate about the cause and felt that the Lunnys had been treated really unfairly and I decided that a viral video that raised awareness and created a political constituency to support the Lunnys would be the right way to go. The video is factual and there is corroborating evidence to support all statements in it. It was never intended to be a journalist piece, though, it is a political piece designed to build support for the Lunnys.

The most significant part of the video is that for the first time, it uncovers hard evidence that there was a secret meeting between Bennett and the park service where it was decided to make it difficult for the Lunnys, something that Neubacher adamantly denied during the Inspector General's investigation. We have lots of footage of Ken Fox giving details of that meeting which could be construed as a conspiracy against the Lunnys - I'd ask Neubacher what he thinks of that, if I could!