Sunday, November 1, 2009

There is a local Oyster Farm in Marin that needs all of our help. The Government is unfairly trying to shut them down through lies and scientific misconduct.

Randy and I with the help of friends have a created a preliminary website, it will continue to be edited and modified. I encourage all of my friends and family to read through this site.

Please learn the Facts and help us spread the truth. Here is what is at Stake The Lunny's are being unfairly treated,they are from generations of local farmers- salt of the earth sort of family. Hard working and all around amazing people.

If you follow my status updates or my tweets then you realize that I don't sit back, I get involved in different causes that are near and dear to my heart. This one especially has caught my attention. It is going to take all of us and a small miracle to get these government agencies to stop spreading untruths and misguiding the science in order to Save The Farm.

We were written up in todays New York Times.

Please be part of the Small Miracle Sign-up to learn more and hear what is going on at the Farm.

Many Thanks,