Sunday, November 1, 2009

There is a local Oyster Farm in Marin that needs all of our help. The Government is unfairly trying to shut them down through lies and scientific misconduct.

Randy and I with the help of friends have a created a preliminary website, it will continue to be edited and modified. I encourage all of my friends and family to read through this site.

Please learn the Facts and help us spread the truth. Here is what is at Stake The Lunny's are being unfairly treated,they are from generations of local farmers- salt of the earth sort of family. Hard working and all around amazing people.

If you follow my status updates or my tweets then you realize that I don't sit back, I get involved in different causes that are near and dear to my heart. This one especially has caught my attention. It is going to take all of us and a small miracle to get these government agencies to stop spreading untruths and misguiding the science in order to Save The Farm.

We were written up in todays New York Times.

Please be part of the Small Miracle Sign-up to learn more and hear what is going on at the Farm.

Many Thanks,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

JobTrain Trainee of The Month Celebration

Today I attended the Trainee of the Month Celebration. It is amazing to me no matter how many times I walk in through the doors of JobTrain that almost each time I am brought to tears. The stories of trials, tribulations and accomplishments, from all aspects of JobTrain are always inspirational. These stories range from the Founder all the way to the students they help.

Sharon Williams the Executive Director told a wonderful story about a man named Leo Sullivan who was a Reverend in a Church from Northern Philly. Over 40 years ago a despaired Leo was frustrated that his peers were never hired for jobs in any successful large company. One that stood out was Tastey Cakes. This was a time when urban rioting was at an all time high. So the Reverend set up a protest against Tastey Cakes, for not hiring any of the African Americans in their community. The head of Tastey Cakes, said "we would be happy to hire people from our community", so they did. Within a matter of weeks they had to let go of the new hires. I thought to myself why would they do such a thing, when they had just helped so many people.

They hired a bunch of people that had no skills, no training or experience, so it made sense they had to let them go. Leo Sullivan was a man who always said "Motivation without Preparation causes Frustration". He then realized that he needed to do more then just locate jobs for his peers, and that he needed a place to educate, train, and prepare them for new tasks they would preform at a new job. He then raised funds to turn a old jail house into OIC.
OIC was named that because during Leo's fundraisng efforts, he kept telling the prior story and his prospective donors would respond, "Oh I see"!! Leo soon after he created OIC in Pennsylvania, met a man named Father John Sweeny who was going through a similar situation in East Palo Alto he heard of OIC so together Father John Sweeny opened OICWest or just OICW. It was founded in Menlo Park over 40 years ago and is known today as JobTrain.

Over time I have been able to witness Graduations, Food Contests inside the Culinary Arts program, and once a month the Trainee of The Month Celebration. They award it to a person that exhibits great leadership skills, one that has overcome many obstacles to be where they are today. They have the qualities that embody what it will take to hold down a job after graduation. This month's award went to Margarita D'Evers from The Culinary Arts program. She was also awarded for her 100% attendance along with 29 other JobTrain students. It was such a great day hearing all the stories. It makes me so proud to be part of such a great organization.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Write about What you Like

I have recently been inspired to write again, Thanks to Seth Simonds. He told me that having lots of kids was no excuse. "Update Your Blog Woman" were his exact words. Write about what you like. So here I am, giving it another shot.

I honestly just really felt who wants to read what I have to say. I really don't consider myself an Authority on any one topic and thus the reason for the lull in my creative writing.

Most (writer's) Blogger's present their opinions, angles, spins, truth's in such a expert way, which made me feel disconnected and unworthy of people's attention. Since this is not my approach. Seth's point to write about what you like is what stood out the most. It made me realize that I don't have to be like the others, just as long as I'm writing about what what I like and what I'm passionate about in my own words the rest will just fall into place.

I plan on writing about People, Relationships, kids, Experiences, Green Tech, Food, Comedy, Wine, Running, Social Capital,and Charitable Causes. These are all things that I enjoy about living and learning. Thanks Seth for getting me out of my shell and back into sharing and connecting with others. I look forward to Aquathon and watching you boogie!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

JobTrain Graduation


Contact: Kail Lubarsky

Development & Marketing




Menlo Park, CA Ð JUNE 11, 2009 Ð JobTrainÕs graduation is unlike those typically covered in
the media. Our graduates have overcome extraordinary and unconscionable barriers ranging
from homelessness, parental abuse, poverty, debilitating illnesses, substance abuse and even
incarceration. Yet, despite their amazing and brilliant achievements Ð theyÕre efforts-- and even
well-deserved 15 minutes of fame Ð are eclipsed by conventional graduations which are always
covered in the media.

The JobTrain graduation is parallel to none; and will occur tonight, June 11, 2009 at 7
oÕclock. Our graduates would be honored and more importantly, obtain a greater sense of
purpose and self value if youÕre there to acknowledge their success.

Resultant of the protracted economic crisis and statewide 9% unemployment rate, JobTrain will
graduate its largest class at St. John Missionary Baptist Church this evening. Exactly 239
students will receive Certificates of Program Completion at JobTrainÕs 17th annual graduation

JobTrain, established in 1965 under the OIC of America affiliation, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational
and vocational training institution. We provide services to disenfranchised residents of East Palo Alto,
east Menlo Park and areas of Redwood City. WeÕre fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools
and Colleges and provide impactful programs structured to eradicate the pervasive cycle of homelessness,
welfare, unemployment, substance abuse and crime Ð all of which are insidious throughout these

JobTrain is founded on the belief in the potential in every human being. We believe that through training,
encouragement and inspiration, our trainees will become self-supporting and thriving members of society.
Throughout our history, weÕve reached 130,000 people with transformative and impactful programs. In
2008 approximately 4,500 clients participated in a variant of programs ranging from Culinary Arts to Solar
Panel Installation to becoming a Health Care Professional. Since our inception 44 years ago, our
philosophy has remained intact: Provide our clients with a hand up Ðnever a hand-out!

WHAT: JobTrain 17th Annual Graduation

WHERE: St. John Missionary Baptist Church, 1050 Bay Road East Palo Alto

WHEN: June 11, 2009 at 7:00p.m.