Friday, November 28, 2008


To tell you the truth when I think about romance I NEVER think about computers, do you? But I have to tell you that tonight my husband's iPhone set the stage for a very romantic evening. We were getting pedicures - yeah, he didn't want to go with me but I forced him to sit beside me and feel awkward while I enjoyed myself.

He had just downloaded his latest iPhone app, OpenTable, and was fiddling with it trying not to notice the small woman working on his feet. He was looking for a place for us to have dinner, using the GPS and he kept telling me we had to go to Scott's Seafood, not our usual place. He said the program kept suggesting it so we HAD to go there. Somehow a iPhone picking my dinner spot sounded less than romantic,and but he had been a good sport with the pedicure so I humored him and agreed.

I'm sure glad I did because when we arrived, the hostess escorted us to a very romantic half circle booth that usually seats four, but she said it was very romantic and moved our place settings very close to each other. We discovered, much to our suprise that the wine list contained half bottles of our very favorite wine, not usually found anywhere else, and we toasted each other, happy to be finally alone after a kid and friend filled Thanksgiving week.

Six oysters and a prawn cocktail later we were totally relaxed and having a wonderful time, very romantic and totally unexpected. It was great, I can hardly wait to see what the iPhone has in store for our next date night!

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