Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bird in the Living Room

Around noon today, I heard a strange chirping coming from our living room. Yes, a bird had flown in from outside and was perched on our silk sofa. Droppings! He jumped. More droppings. He landed on a velvet pillow. More droppings. On to the coffee table. More droppings. This bird had more active bowels than my grandpa on prunes. Unbelievable. I screamed for my husband (who had left the door open and was to blame for this mess), he came running in, summed up the situation and said as only a MIT graduate can say: "A Bird!" duh! Obviously this had happened to him before because he said: "Do you have a broom?" Yeah, like I carry one around! The bird must have done this before too, because he immediately took off for the heights of the ceiling while my husband ran off to do a Google query on removing bird from a living room. Fortunately the bird found the open door and left before we could effect any harebrained scheme for his removal.

Why do I tell you this? Because it reminded me of 3 weeks ago when I listened to Al Gore at Web 2.0 as he eloquently talked about how we are melting the polar ice caps and completely clueless about it. I thought that we are the mirror image of the bird out of his environment, pooping on couches and flirting with death. We are pooping on the ice caps with our carbon based fuels, and we are in actuality, more peril than that dumb bird in our living room, except that we don't have the sense to recognize it and solve it. I harped at my husband so much after I listened to Al, that he hooked our former VP up with the VP of comedy, Will Ferrell to make a video that maybe, through humor will wake people up to the fact that we are destroying our world in our lifetime.

Wednesday I have the honor of attending a party where I might just get a chance to talk to Al one on one. I wonder if I'll have the nerve to talk about that bird.

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DH said...

a google query? what about a searchme query?