Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Parties Have Arrived!

Last night Randy and I attended the Kleiner Perkins Holiday Party at the Circus Club in Atherton! It was a beautifully planned event and it was an honor to be invited! The food was great, and bars were set up in every corner. Decorated Christmas trees invite you in, but the question of who is in the room keeps you there. Wine and champagne were flowing. All the valley luminaries were there and I wondered who would I run into next, would it be Al Gore, or would it be my husbands poker buddies?

It was great to see Vice President Gore , but really it was great to see the poker buddies standing in a corner laughing and not caring who might be walking by! They enjoyed each other and catching up, asking each other about the kids and the family. The beauty is they see each other often. Once a month they will meet up and play a few games of poker and they've been doing it for the last 22 years!

I was really happy to run into Ron Conway, because I think he is a man with integrity. Being around the Valley for last 12 years I have learned there are some really amazing men here, and Ron is one!

I was a little sad there was not a gift bag like last year. Yes, I am shallow! I use my Bloomenergy mug from last year almost everyday! I also loved our matching KP scarf and KP tie that we got last year too, oh did I mention they gave us wine too? No really it was a great party this year, but last year was hard to beat!

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