Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy, Busy Day!

I knew earlier in the week that Friday was gonna be a busy busy day! I started to feel a bit under the weather on Tuesday and knew that I better get some rest so I wouldn't miss all the festivities on Friday!

Friday started with the baby waking at 4AM, (thanks Randy for getting up with Nate!) After Nate went down for a nap, Randy made all the kid's lunches and got Nick ready for his 8:10 AM drop.

Later I begged Evan to wear nice clothes for his Holiday Sing, he said "No" because Nick wore sweats! I said "Ev, go put this on now", and ran and packed Nick a change of clothes which I later gave him to change into at school. Nick was so cute "But Mom, I wore a khaki shirt! "

So Randy and I went to Evan's sing at 10:30AM, it was fun, Evan's favorite song was Feliz Navidad! Then we ran home and changed. Then headed to the Searchme Holiday Party.

The Searchme party was GREAT! I felt it was so important to get us all together for once, since we have two offices one Mt.View and another in SF. We had about 45 people there, with great wine and great food! Randy told me to interview everyone, but I didn't have time, I had to hightail it to Nick's sing, where he was so happy to sing along with his classmates. Even though this is probably my 20th Holdiay Sing between a blended family of 7 kids - it was still so special!

I was a little sad I missed Randy's Holiday toast back at the party, but I was able to get back to the party while everyone was just sitting down to eat! There were great conversations of both work and personal life. It was a very perfectly planned event, Thanks Dinah!

Our day was not over yet, next we needed to get Nick, take him to a birthday party and Randy still had a one hour radio interview to do! Nick had a great time at his party and Randy nailed his interview and now we have put all the kids to bed (by 10:48PM) and although our day was full and wonderful, it's time to call it a night and be thankfull for all the great things today!

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