Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nothing is a joy..

Sometimes there is so much happening with 5 boys in the house, holiday plays, celebrations, play dates, church, etc. that the weeks just scream by and before you know it, it is the weekend again. Things seem then to slow down a bit then and sometimes you have a day when you get to do practically nothing - and it is a joy to slow down just for a moment.

Today we did nothing - well not really. We got up early with the boys, sat with them, played with them, cooked for them, made gingerbread cookies with them, sat around the dinner table with them, enjoyed them. It was not all perfect - at times they were totally bored out of their minds and whined to go out and buy some video games or go to lunch but we stood firm - this was going to be a "nothing" day. Our 14 year old complained that he was bored and set a countdown timer to when he was going to get to go to his Grandma's, 18 hours, 23 minutes, 15 seconds and counting. We ignored it. We turned on the TV for a while - it was a Will Ferrell marathon on KOFY - first Anchorman then a few minutes of Taladega Nights.

We took showers late, never left the house and spent the entire day boring our kids out of their minds. Now they are all in bed but the countdown timer continues to tick off the seconds and we're about to head out to a date night in LA tomorrow, but no matter how fun and exciting tomorrow will be, we will always treasure the nothingness of today.

guest post by Randy Adams

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