Sunday, December 7, 2008

What do you want for Christmas!

I have received several calls in the last couple of days from family members asking what we want for Christmas. We for several years have been asking our extended family to please not buy us gifts. The amount of stuff (plastic) we get is ridiculous. Last year we asked our family to donate money to the Ronald Mc Donald house under our name. We decorated our tree with pictures of the kids and their families. We placed all the receipts and letters when people donated in our name on our tree!

It was great to see our children share there blessings with others. The Grandparents still bought a educational gift for each child and we obviously still bought them some gifts. It brought tears to my eyes when my 7 year old asked can we give our gifts to the kids at McDonalds again.

Since the economy is down and we are all feeling it, Randy and I will donate to the Ronald McDonald house in Everybody's name who donated for us last year as their gifts!

We will ask this year for the Grandparents to give family experiences instead of individual gifts! A trip to the movies, or a lunch out. No matter what, when we say no gifts, they buy them anyway, and say that's what Grandparents do!


RipCurlGrl said...

That sounds like a great plan!

John said...

you need to identify the people in the photo, so i can place names to faces!

Joseph Hunkins said...

A nice idea - sharing experiences with the kids instead of "more stuff".